Your home for better credit faster

J&E Credit Repair Services, LLC has been in business since 2008.  Since our inception we have been able to assist thousands of our client from coast to coast secure mortgages or to simply enjoy better credit for life.  Our owner John Pando has been in the professional services industry for over 20 years; and has been in the repair industry for 7 years.

J&E Credit complies with all Federal and State laws pertaining to credit repair and debt negotiation services.  Debt negotiation services are handled by our parent company J&E Consulting, LLC. 

We are inexpensive and work quickly on your behalf.  Most of our competitors charge substantially more then we do and take much longer to show results. 

We attack any and all negative or derogatory accounts being held against you each and every time with all 3 credit bureaus or existing creditors.  Once a dispute has been registered with the 3 major bureaus on you behalf, the bureaus legally have 30-45 days to respond back to us. 

We specialize in credit repair for the banking and mortgage industry. We do so by partnering with banks, brokers, realtors and car dealerships across the country.